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Why do we offer a several types of charts?

If you would like to know why TEAMsCOM does not offer only one chart, but several types of charts, here is the answer.


Type of Charts

  • You can check employees’ performance with our line charts.
  • Social networks and heat maps are good for showing relationships
  • Bar charts show you a type of engagement.  In which way are they involved?
  • There is a group of charts which we call Top charts. With these charts, you can check the focus of your team or employee

If we split this title to concrete chart then we can see several types of charts. We could say that each chart gives an answer to a different question.

Several types of charts:

Employees relationships – How the relationships look like?

  • Communication heat map
  • Communication heat map
  • Collaboration heat map

Employees engagement – How much they are involved?

  • Communication chart
  • Communication effort chart
  • Communication activity chart
  • Collaboration chart

Employees focus – What they are working on and with whom?

  • Top communication
  • Top files
  • Top collaboration

Engagement type  – In which way they communicate?

  • Communication channels chart

We get these charts by analyzing employees behaviour, we collect statistical data in Google Apps for Works.

A legend in each chart is clickable, you can switch on and switch off the line or any valuables. It is helpful when you want to see some details. For example, you can switch off the line with the highest values and the chart will rearrange lines and  you can see remaining lines in more details.

There are some obvious patterns which happen quite regularly. For example, when an employee came back from a holiday or when team finalizes some project, there should be visible the increase of the communication. If these patterns are not in the chart or these patterns are too visible it is worth to focus on these facts.

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