No traps with TEAMsCOM

No traps with TEAMsCOM. Three pitfalls avoided by TEAMsCOM.

When you want to establish processes within your company and you decide to use a software tool you probably choose the tool and you assign experts who are responsible for implementing processes and customizing the tool according to your needs.

Helicopter view & jungle view – TEAMsCOM benefits

When you speak with experts as a manager and you explain to them that your people are not happy using the new tool and you expect them to help with it, they could tell you a nice story about “nature” which is good for your ego but does not solve the problem.

They start to explain to you that workers are like people in a jungle with an axe and from their perspective they can see only trees and plants and they are hardly able to see the sky and the sun.


BUT managers like YOU need a view from a helicopter above the jungle and the tool is the greatest way how to obtain this view and of course this helicopter view is much more interesting than the view of each particular tree and plant in the humid dark jungle. Therefore, workers will not be happy to use the tool but you will be and it will be very useful. As I mentioned this is a nice story, but does not solve the problem.

With TEAMsCOM any workers can have the helicopter view if they want and if they are not interested in the whole jungle they can focus only on their closest environment but from the helicopter view they will see the same interesting picture as managers.

There is no path because is rarely used – TEAMsCOM benefits

When you follow the process and you will follow each case then you will easily find some blended paths and of course, you want to solve them, experts explain to you that these paths are so rarely used that does not make sense to focus on this particular path. Ok, but when you image a finally convicted user and he is following the rules and suddenly he occurs in an area of nowhere and nobody is able to tell him what should be the next steps. Then he has convicted again and it is nearly impossible to change it.


We could not say that we are establishing processes in a common sense of this word. We are simply focusing on data that can be automatically collected and this data tells us a lot about team quality.

The exact game with vague numbers – TEAMsCOM benefits

If you are lucky enough and people start to use new processes with the new tool it can easily to happen that data which is manually entered is vague. There are several reasons why it could happen.

exact game - how we measure ?

  1. People simply think that they should fill in forms this way. For example, one employee can think that reading emails should be in “other operational time” category and other that it belongs to category “project XYZ operational time” because he is reading emails about the project which they are working on.
  2. People do not know what to enter so they put in some random numbers. For example, if you want from them estimate the effort, it is easy to image that the data is vague but the sum of vague data is really vague and a sum of summed data is total rubbish.
  3. People want to hide the facts.
  4. People simply pretend that they want to use the tool so they put there what is expected to hide in the crowd of numbers.

TEAMsCOM collects data automatically and we encourage you to think about the results and we can offer you consultancy by soft skills expert so we will be glad if you play the vague game with exact numbers. If you want to more about TEAMsCOM benefits just try it.

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