TEAMsCOM vs. typical organizational network analysis tool 5:0

When we compare our product with typical organizational network analysis tool then we can find several significant advantages.

Time to market is 35 times shorter

In classical approach you have to prepare questions, it means, you have to speak with customer’s representatives and then you have to prepare the forms and you have to, of course, let the employees answer the questions, then you have to evaluate the employees’ answers.

With TEAMsCOM, you can skip this step. You only have to set up TEAMsCOM application at Google Apps Marketplace which takes you one minute. Data collection runs usually during the night. It means, with TEAMsCOM you can considerably reduce the effort and time to market, from five weeks to one day.

Data quality is far much higher

When employees answering the questions, they know that these answers will be evaluated, but with TEAMsCOM we measure the real long-term behavior and moreover the same rules are valid for everybody. Because of data quality, we are also able to provide deeper analyses than can provide the classical approach.

TEAMsCOM works automatically, it is real-time organizational network analysis tool

There is no bothering of employees when we collect information about employees’ behavior as we know it when questions sheets are presented to employees.

TEAMsCOM is 1000 times cheaper

Because of the high level of automatization and no existing entrance barriers, TEAMsCOM can be set up any time for any number of employees, the price is about 1000 times lower than classical approach.

TEAMsCOM is available at anytime for anybody

Preparing the questions and evaluating the answers,it usually happens once a year or half a year. The outputs from TEAMsCOM are available at any time, so you can use data immediately when you need to solve the issue. Do not forget that really successful companies made their decision based on online data.

The low price of service also gives you an opportunity to involve all your employees not only the top managers or selected individuals.



We hope that now it is clear why TEAMsCOM will be your favorite organizational network analysis tool.

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