how TEAMsCOM was born

TEAMsCOM story

TEAMsCOM was born as a result of the last seven years experiences, continuing studies, and general technological progress, which we can see.

We had the chance to manage two large projects where we were trying to establish new processes and we observed the huge resistance of involved people. There was a heroic effort from the best company people and quite big investments and the results were far from planned outputs.

We have had the opportunity to run small companies and we have learned how to keep a company alive. What is the most important; we have established good relationships with people that are experts in areas where we have no skills at all.

We have had the chance to spend many hours by watching video courses that are provided on MOOC websites like or These courses showed us a lot about start-up companies and about innovative thinking.

Finally, we had the chance to manage e-commerce projects where we could see a great focus on customers. In these projects, among others things, we tried to observe customer behavior, we tried to motivate them and evaluate their behavior.

And then the IDEA was born. Why do not we use e-commerce automatized observing techniques in a team and work organization and motivation area?

We have established the project and made some brief proof of concepts and we have made TEAMsCOM. We can observe the behavior of any team in a cloud environment and we are able to give them immediate feedback about how they communicate and how they collaborate. Observing these key activities has a huge impact on their organization and efficiency. We believe it helps to improve company culture because issues would be solved when they are small.

TEAMsCOM can do this measurement automatically, without human resistance, with far lower effort than the classical approach offers, and with immediate results (of course :-)).

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