TEAMsCOM sociogram

TEAMsCOM sociogram in one click, right now available in a new version

We have just released a new version of TEAMsCOM and we are happy that we can introduce one of our most highly requested features.

TEAMsCOM sociogram

We build into a TEAMsCOM sociogram.This new chart is fully integrated to the reports area, so now you can add the TEAMsCOM sociogram to your reports.

Moreover, the TEAMsCOM sociogram is fully interactive. You can set the filters in the same way as for any other TEAMsCOM chart, but we think that in this case, the chart interaction is the key functionality. You can change the size of the whole TEAMsCOM sociogram (you can zoom in and zoom out and shift the whole chart as you need) and you can highlight by clicking the selected employee to display his interaction with his colleagues. We encourage you to spend some time and play with the TEAMsCOM sociogram interactivity to get suitable information. TEAMsCOM sociogram

We are working on more sophisticated one-click filters which allow you to show influencers and isolated employees in one click. These filters will be introduced in the next version.

Organizational structure

Another great update is in an organizational structure area. TEAMsCOM is able to work with the Google Groups. It brings better user experiences mostly in the administration area for now, but we will incorporate this organizational structure to the report area in the next version and it will bring an opportunity to filter charts values according to the organizational structure.


As we have promised there are also improvements in the stability in this new version. We have fixed several known minor errors, for example, collaboration heat map is now sorted as well as communication heat map.


This version will be reviewed by Finances Online portal. We hope that the review will be positive and will show that TEAMsCOM is one of the most valuable application in a Human Resource area because of the totally innovative approach.

This new version is reachable from Google marketplace, install it and look at your team sociogram. Know your team without any effort. 🙂

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