TEAMsCOM is easy to use

TEAMsCOM is easy to use!

TEAMsCOM is simple to use. DO NOT PANIC! There are only a few things which you need to know.If you want to know how to use TEAMsCOM, please go through this post. 


There is a manual on the left in the middle of the page. You can open it whenever you want. It is worth to open it when you are a new user to get some basic overview. The first chapter is dedicated to the new users.

how to use TEAMsCOM




Here you can find archived reports; Reports can be archived by clicking Save to archive in selected report.


Here you can define how your reports of the selected project should look like.  Reports are easy to define together with projects.


In this area you can easily add users to the application, these users can be from your domain or from an external domain. There are three roles in TEAMsCOM , administrator, manager and person. The person has read only access. The manager has no access to the administrator part. The administrator has full access.


You can define who will be analysed,in this part. If yo do not add people to this list of people then we do not analyse them at all.


This part is dedicated to an administrator. You can set there a service users account, but most probably you do not need to do anything in this are because the service user account is set automatically when you start TEAMsCOM.

What is communication & what is collaboration

Communication involves every activity which is observed. It means you can see everything that is measured in the communication charts. Collaboration involves only activities that are related to creating or editing documents. So if you see in collaboration charts how the team collaborates, you see how, when and by whom documents were created.


Now you now how to use TEAMsCOM if you want to more please read our manual or  contact us.

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