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TEAMsCOM is employee performance appraisal plugin for Google Apps for Work.

TEAMsCOM easily allows human resources & managers to monitor team performance and employee engagement. It provides immediate answers and within hours, a complete workflow performance and interaction can be beautifully visualized.


TEAMsCOM print screen


It is a cloud-based tool which analyses employees activity in Google Apps for Work and shows influencers, outsiders, relationships and employees focus.


How you can benefit from this tool:

  1. When you have a new client and you migrate their accounts to Goole platform, TEAMsCOM can support the migration process. You can monitor how the new users are working with Google for Works tools and you can focus on employees who have a problem to use tools properly.
  2. You can with customers managers analyze customers employees behaviour in Google Apps for Work and show the employees which do not communicate, so they are not involved, so they most probably do not bring any value to the company.

The idea behind is, that you will offer more than your competitors and you can sell more, better-focused services to your customers.


You can see more on our product pages, here are slides about TEMsCOM and you can also read about the benefits. It is cloud based application and it runs at Google Apps Marketplace.  Input barrier is really low. It takes less than one minute to run TEAMsCOM. You can also try our TEAMsCOM demo or see the video which shows basic features.


Our vision is that in the same way as we are using email tools for sending emails and calendar tools for managing the meetings we will use TEAMsCOM for showing the relationships and employees engagement in teams or companies.

If you would like to be part of this vision, just let me know.

Rado Trubini

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