What does TEAMsCOM do?

TEAMsCOM automatically measures and analyse communication and collaboration activities of team members. This data shows the quality of the teams. It shows collaboration and communication gaps or issues.

Who can benefit from TEAMsCOM?

TEAMsCOM is good for:

Top managers  – network adjustment, company mergers and acquisitions.

Project managers – progress monitoring, risk mitigation, setting the communication flow.

Team leaders –  team development, know-how sharing, talent development, risk mitigation.

Human resource managers – benchmark setting, talent management, instant monitoring, talent development, burn out and mobbing prediction.

How TEAMsCOM works?

TEAMsCOM analyses employees activities in Google Apps for Works (Gmail, Calendar, all activities in Gdrive, G+, Hangout ). It is the organisational network analysis tool or social network analysis tool. We are proud that we are able to provide our results in real-time.

When was the idea born?

The idea was born at the end of 2014.

Who is the owner of this product?

The tool is developed and owned by eNnova  company.

When will TEAMsCOM be ready to use?

The first version will be ready to use by Jun 2015

How can I start?

No installation is necessary. Just sign up at There is also a demo, so you can see what you can get just in one click.

How much does it cost?

The tool is offered for free until further notices. We assume that it will be offered for free throughout the whole year 2015.

We would like to charge each analysed person and we assume the price would be 12 $ per analysed person a year.

When can I see the first results?

When you start using TEAMsCOM, the first relevant results are available after two or three weeks or months, depends on the situation in the team. If you are facing to urgent issue and you do not want to wait, we can provide analyse from the past activities, but you have to contact us to let us know that you need such a service.

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