TEAMsCOM awards

Awarded in a TEAMsCOM review written by Finances Online

One of the main drivers to release a new version was an agreement with Finances Online that they would write a TEAMsCOM review.

Immediately after the new version had been launched, experts from Finances Online took a close look at the application and we were waiting for the result.

We have been noticed that review is available on Finances Online pages a few days ago and we are bringing some facts from our TEAMsCOM reviews prepared by their experts’ team  this review.

TEAMsCOM awards

We have received several awards. I think, the most valuable is a certification of quality. It shows that the application is developed on a solid architecture and it works properly. It shows overall quality of our product and additional services like a support and so on. We added this certification to the footer of our web pages.

TEAMsCOM verified quality

The next awards are the Great User Experience Award and the 2016 Rising Star give for the best HR software category at FinancesOnline. The Rising star award sounds promising.

TEAMscOM awards

TEAMsCOM review

The review is very well structured.

Finances Online experts described TEAMsCOM main functionalities, then they spend several lines to mention benefits that TEAMsCOM brings and logically continue with another facts and details.

TEAMsCOM review structure

The review brings also additional information like a comparison with other products in a human resource management area. We have to mention that TEAMscOM is not typical human resource software because of its innovative approach. TEAMsCOM brings great benefits that other applications are not able to bring but of course, typical human resource software has a lot of features which TEAMsCOM does not have and will never have because of the whole philosophy of TEAMsCOM.


Let me summarize this post. Once again the whole review is at this link if you want to read the original review. I have to admit that we are happy that our effort was awarded by independent experts and they confirmed that we have brought a valuable product for our customers.


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