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Oversized team of business analyst – scalpel, please!

Let’s imagine a situation that a CIO of a middle sized company has a suspicion that a team leader of business analyst team does not play with him with open cards. The CIO know that TEAMsCOM is widely used in his company so he asks his subordinate Peter to prepare results from this team.

Peter knows that the team of business analyst consists of 7 experts and the team leader. Employees have worked on 5 projects during the last seven months.  It means, according to the internal methodology, 10 main documents should have been created.

Based on these facts he prepares a report that shows a team communication activity chart and team collaboration heat map. These two charts are enough to show what the manager need to know. Of course in real life, other charts can be used but not necessarily in this case.

As you can see on the first chart 3 of 7 experts have not been communicating at all during the last 7 months and the heat map shows that these 3 people have not collaborated on any documents.

oversized team


oversized team

The team communication chart also shows that there are no peaks in activities during the defined period. It indicates that a reduction of this team can be planned as permanent.

The CIO ask the team leader to explain these figures. He is not able to give significant reasons why his team has been working in this mode. Therefore, the team is reduced from 7 to 4 and the team leader has to leave the company.

What do you think, how your teams in your company look like?  Do you have motivated people or demotivated?  You can check it in TEAMsCOM in one or two days and the third day can be dedicated to finding the solution. Try to judge before, how much your productivity will increase.

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