TEAMsCOM sorted heat maps and other improvements

In our new version, you can find several new features, which improve users experience.

One of them is a sorted heat map.  Employees were displayed randomly in the previous version and it makes some difficulties to read this chart.

Now in the version 1.10, you can see the most communicated people in the left down corner. We consider several facts in sorting algorithm, not only a sum of communication but also other facts as a variety of communication and so on.

The clarity increases a lot. It is much easier to read who communicate with whom. Heat maps also show the direction of communication, now when is displayed in the sorted way it is also easier to read this attribute from the chart.

Here you can see two examples of the new heat map.

TEAMsCOM heat map sorted


TEAMsCOM Sorted Heat Map

Check your heat maps in your TEAMsCOM.

There are also another improvements.

  • We have added permissions to each report. Now you can set who can edit and who can read your report. You are always set as the owner of the report.
  • About regrouping our charts you can read in the following post.
  • When you export a report to a pdf file, now you can see a header and a footer, to help you read the whole document
  • We have improved the speed of the application and our effort dedicated to speed of the application will continue
  • We have removed several bugs
  • We rebuilt automatical emails which are sending when you try the demo or set up live TEAMsCOM
  • Groups – we are somewhere in the middle with this feature, we are able in this version working with groups, but main benefits of this feature will be presented in the next version. Now you can add users or people in the administration part, but you can not benefits in the report area.
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