How to find influencers

How to find influencers and who they influence

If you want to make a change in your company you have to know how to find influencers in your company and you have to start with them. You have to tell them that they are the influencers in your company and you have to explain to them what are the benefits of the change and ask them to propagate these ideas.

TEAMsCOM can easily support you in this case.

How to find influencers

There are several methods how to find influencers but with TEAMsCOM you can do it without any effort. When you start TEAMsCOM then you see for example this sociogram.

the whole team

Who they influence

You can see that influencers or leaders are showed immediately.  There are about eight significant leaders, by clicking on each of this bubble you can see what are the relationships.







By analyzing these pictures you can decide which influencers need to be involved in the change process. You can involve all of them but  if you want to be efficient then you can pick up only some of them.  Be sure that the selected leaders can influence at least 80% of your company to ensure good penetration of new ideas in teams.

Interesting thing is that by using this approach you can totally ignore your official organizational structure. You can only follow your needs and do exact steps to reach the goals.

The second step can be that you identify the people which should have been influencers but they are not and you can work with them and help them to be the right person in the right place. You can ask your HR department to help you with this. You can prepare a training or mentor program.

If you want to see more examples try our demo or start use TEAMsCOM and your influencers became visible.

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