Whether you lead a small group or a big enterprise, TEAMsCOM, a human resource analytical software, will help you to control it more efficiently.


Top Manager, CEO

TEAMsCOM is a human resource analytical software which really helps top managers and CEOs to reveal hidden reasons of low productivity, or to obtain important data during transformation or acquisition. Its analyses can contribute to the restoration of work relationships and enhancement of efficiency on different levels in your enterprise. Top managers do not rely so much on team managers or human resources input when they use TEAMsCOM. Top managers can do analyze if they want. 

Efficiency of a company

Useless communication nodes, too many unassigned employees, and the creation of isolated groups inside a team – these are some of the problems which can be pointed out by TEAMsCOM reports.

Employees acting as useless communication nodes are a potential threat to efficiency. The cooperation should be better adjusted, and the communication load should be appropriately spread among the employees. These measures also include engaging employees who were identified as isolated by the application. These people probably need a wider job description, but it may be necessary to displace them if their productivity is low in long-term.

Isolated groups point to hidden barriers which must be removed from the collective. The success can again be continuously monitored in the automated TEAMsCOM reports.

Management of the business during transformation

If your business undergoes transformation or acquisition, the measurement of communication and cooperation of employees will suggest a lot about the success and quality of the change. Also in this area can our human resource analytical software helps.

It will clearly be seen in TEAMsCOM reports if there were still two companies, or departments, inside the enterprise despite the intentions of the management. You would not discover such a failure of unification and joining forces from an organizational graph. Thanks to early detection of these failures, you can concentrate on appropriate explanations, motivation, and schooling. Their success rate will be reflected in subsequent TEAMsCOM measurements and analyses.

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Employees engagement - How much do they communicate?

HR Manager & Lecturer

Human resources managers with TEAMsCOM’s application better evaluate the potential of each employee, and they will satisfy the needs of employees development and prevent their burn-out. Lecturers can prepare customized schoolings for each work group based on their analyses, and evaluate their impact on the work efficiency. You too can become an initiator of changes and enhance the structure of the team and overall company culture. Just imagine, with this human resource analytical software you have the instant overview and you can do decisions  online. 

Customized schoolings

TEAMsCOM helps lecturers and human resources managers prepare customized schoolings and evaluate their efficiency. You will always be able to take into account results of measurements and analyses of a particular team and then adjust your schooling strategies or materials. You will also identify topics and principles requiring special emphasis in a particular collective on the basis of these analyses. You can repeat the analyses after a few weeks, and motivate the employees by emphasizing achieved enhancements, as well as supporting further progress by pointing out persisting failures.

Initiation of changes

As a human resources manager, you can analyze communication and collaboration processes in teams which do not have a good reputation or in those that have undergone a big change. Acquired outputs of our human resource analytical software will serve you as a foundation for suggestions for corrective measures. Values measured for efficiently working collectives can be the reference point and source of inspiration at the same time. Resulting adequate, well-timed interventions will be important parts of prevention against negative phenomenon as burn-out syndrome and mobbing. The cooperation between human resources managers and team managers can be more effective. 

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Team Managers

TEAMsCOM will offer  team managers an objective overview of communication efficiency and team dynamics as well as about weaknesses of the team. He can support his decisions and evaluations by measured values which were not available before.

Increasing communication efficiency

Isolated people or groups, unnecessary communication nodes, problematic personal relationships – all these can quietly endanger the efficiency of your team. TEAMsCOM will make it possible to identify these problems and begin helping with their removal. You will subsequently check the effect of changes in work efficiency and communication again in the reports of this analytical tool.

Regular career assessments

TEAMsCOM reports are also a useful base for regular career interviews, assessments of employees and setting their career plans. Communication patterns inside the team can not only reveal negative emotions towards a member of the team, but they can also identify a natural leader or best expert because team members naturally group around them. Team managers will easier communicate with human resources managers and with employees in their teams. 

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Who is working on these files?

Project Manager

Project managers with this human resource analytical software always know how each team member contributes to the project progress, no matter if the employees share an office, or they are spread around the globe. You can utilize this control as an invaluable tool for the management of an enterprise where productivity depends directly on the successful cooperation and communication of employees. Outputs can be used in communication with team managers to help them evaluate their teams. 

Catching early warning signs

You can easily check what are team members working on thanks to cooperation and communication monitoring. So you can redirect them to a task with high priority at the right time. TEAMsCOM reports will even make it possible to reveal the causes of problems before the problems could start to fully affect the results. This enables you to take corrective measures without waiting for the first partial results or the initial milestone of the project.

Managing a virtual team

It is harder to know how coworkers work on assigned tasks and how they cooperate if they are at geographically distant locations. TEAMsCOM will make managing such a team equally efficient as if all the employees were sharing an office. It will strengthen their trust and accelerate mutual understanding if they have access to its analyses and measurements. They will know before they start to communicate, what did their colleague’s work on in the last few days and who did they communicate with. Therefore, they do not have to waste time, and they can start working straight away.

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What users say about TEAMsCOM

Ondřej Smidák

We have a lot of parallel activities in the Czech Savings Bank. Based on the results from TEAMsCOM we have a great overview about employee interactions, about overloaded and free colleagues across the teams. A unified methodology of measurement gives us an opportunity to compare similar teams mutually.

Ondřej Smidákdigital transformationČeská spořitelna, a.s.
Petr Anděl

In order to be close to our customers my colleagues are operate in several cities. When I am using TEAMsCOM I do not need to, literally several times a day, pump information. I have a look on the reports and I can start the discussion prepared and with friendlier spirit.

Petr AndělownerÚčetní Anděl Ltd