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TEAMsCOM employee appraisal software, video manuals

We have prepared a video where you can see basic functionalities. This video simulates the most common usage of TEAMsCOM once you are in a managerial role. You will realize that this employee appraisal software gives you an opportunity to do evaluation continuously and based on online data.

There are several already prepared reports in TEAMsCOM and you can see in the video that we take one of them press the “Save as” button to get the copy and we modify the report according to our needs.

You can easily get look and feel of the application. We show you basic functionalities and also some features which help you to get the maximum from the application.

We start with the entry page and shows you how you can switch on and switch off the control tree panel on the left side. We continue with creating the copy of the report and we modify the report and we save it into the archive. In the archive, we show you how you can export the report to a pdf file.

We also simulate that you want to see details in the charts so we hide and display some values in the charts in the report area and also in the archive area.

An another video where you can see how the existing report can be changed for example, based on comments that you got from colleagues.

In the second video, you can see in detail how you can change charts in the report area.  You can change filters, names of the charts and so on.

If you already have one employee appraisal report then you can easily create another one. Our last video shows details.

If you use Save us button then you only change several charts and your report is ready.

Videos are made as kind of video manual. We do not follow concrete task. We just want to show you how TEAMsCOM can be used in the most common situations. Run our demo to see some concrete example of usage.

As you can see, you can easily use TEAMsCOM as the employee appraisal software, which offers you big variations of online outputs.


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