• Analyze your team in G Suite to skyrocket your productivity.

    TEAMsCOM provides an automatical real-time organizational network analyze.


Where are the communication and collaboration issues?

TEAMsCOM will help you to identify the stronger and weaker members of the collective. This is based on their interactions and level of engagement in the work tasks. Long-term monitoring will reveal the development of group dynamics and relationships inside the group, and the performances of the members.

You will see whether low (or brilliant) performance is only a short-term issue or a characteristic of a particular team member.

Discover influencers or outsiders
Real-time, without any employees bothering

TEAMsCOM offers instant team overview

TEAMsCOM is a human resource analytical software that automatically measures and analyses activities of each collective team member. It offers you a continuous overview of collaboration and communication of the team you lead. It is the first human resource analytical tool which offers the instant and real-time overview.

TEAMsCOM reports show, in a user-friendly way, how each worker contributes to shared files, how many work meetings the workers have and how they use e-mail, chat, calendar, GDrive, and Google+.

Our offer

Use this human resource analytical software to analyze your team or company to see where communication or collaboration issues are. Who is involved in a team and who is not.

We can do analyzes for you if you want.

We can help you to explain the results of analyzes and suggest optimization steps and provide these steps in your company.

How to find influencers
Employees engagement - How much do they communicate?

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TEAMsCOM application is offered as software as a service. It is a cloud web application and it runs in any internet browser. No installation is needed. It is 10 times easier to set up TEAMsCOM then to create any email account.

Whether you lead a small group or a big enterprise,
TEAMsCOM will help you increase efficiency.

Find out how you can use TEAMsCOM for your specific needs.


Find sources of ineffectiveness in your business and manage your employees better during transformation or acquisition.

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Identify weak points of the collective, and measure objective data as a base for employees evaluation.

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Identify low-performance employees and teams, and measure the long-term efficiency of provided schooling.

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Improve the progress of your projects thanks to the continuous measurement of communication and collaboration of employees.

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Join the professionals who manage their people more efficiently.

No registration is needed. You can just use your Google account and start!

Do you want to know what happens in your team or organization, but you do not have time to use TEAMsCOM?

We can do everything for you, from A to Z, in just one day! We will bring you detail analyses and answers to your questions. Leave us your e-mail and we will contact you!

What users say about TEAMsCOM

Ondřej Smidák

We have a lot of parallel activities in the Czech Savings Bank. Based on the results from TEAMsCOM, we have a great overview about employee interactions about overloaded and free colleagues across the teams. A unified methodology of measurement gives us an opportunity to compare similar teams mutually.

Ondřej Smidákdigital transformationČeská spořitelna, a.s.
Petr Anděl

In order to be close to our customers, my colleagues are operate in several cities. When I am using TEAMsCOM, I do not need to, literally several times a day, pump information. I have a look on the reports, and I can start the discussion prepared and with friendlier spirit.

Petr AndělownerÚčetní Anděl Ltd